Dale Shank has used photos and words to tell stories all of his professional life as an assignment photographer, editor, publisher, and feature writer.

Years of photographing in challenging locations have given Dale an appreciation for the art of efficiently and cost-effectively capturing high impact photos. His photos have appeared in magazines, newspapers and books.

Born in Oregon, Dale has lived in Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Bangor and other US and Canadian cities. Dale has traveled to Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa and has made many photographic, cultural and medical expeditions to Central and South America.

Performance Arts. In the early 70's, Dale photographed rock bands in clubs in New England. He currently photographs live performances of musicians and aerial artists.

Urban Environment. Urban environmental photography is another passion that complements Dale's work as an ecologist involved with wildlife, wetland and stream restoration projects. Urban settings present challenges and opportunities that can be quite different from rural or wilderness setttings. Dale has documented a variety of activities conducted by scientists working in the urban environment.

Pool and Billiards. A pool and billiards aficionado and contributing photographer/writer for Pool & Billiard Magazine, Dale is keenly interested in capturing the sport’s special flavor. He is drawn to the extreme range of lighting at professional pool tournaments and has captured that lighting to striking advantage in action portraits of some of the game’s top players, including Jasmin Ouschan, Shane Van Boening, Allison Fisher, Ralf Soquet, Francisco Bustamante, Xiaoting Pan, and Kelly Fisher.

Indigenous Cultures. Dale has documented daily activities and tribal events of the Wounaan people of the Darien province of Panama. This includes photographs of their Nacional Congreso and various village settings.

Photo publications: Pool & Billiard Magazine ( www.poolmag.com ), Pool Player's Edge, Billiards Digest ( www.billiardsdigest.com ), Inside Pool Magazine ( www.insidepoolmag.com ), CueSports International ( www.playcsipool.com ), Billiards Congress of America, Portland Tribune, St. Martin's Press, Women's Professional Billiard Association ( www.wpba.com ), AZ Billiards.

Writing publications: Pool & Billiard Magazine, National Billiard News, Cue Times, Portland Daily Journal of Commerce, Hortus West, Powder Magazine, Lippincott's Hospital Pharmacy.